Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to just several of the most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective clients. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about our company, our services, or home care in general.

Questions & Answer

Why Should I choose home care for myself or a loved one?

Home care provides one-on-one assistance that allows you or your loved one to remain in your current living situation. Senior care at home will allow your family to have peace of mind that you or your loved one will be able to live at home independently and safely.

Who decides whether or not a person requires home health care? Can I request home health care for my mother?

The patients’ doctor must decide that medical care at home is necessary for Medicare to help pay for it. So talk to the doctor. The doctor must also make the care plan for the home health services that are needed.

I do not need a nurse. I just need help assisting me with meals and errands. Will Medicare help me pay for this?

No. Generally, Medicare does not cover homemaking, errand, and shopping. However, we do accept Medicaid, long-term care, private insurance and have very competitive private pay rates. Please contact us for a free consultation to review your coverage options.

Can I select any home care agency I want when Medicare will cover the services I need?

A home health agency must be Medicare certified. Make sure you have this in writing before hiring an agency for your Medicare home health care needs.

Must I be homebound in order to qualify for Medicare assistance?

A patient must be unable to leave home safely without help. So yes, being homebound is necessary. However, leaving home to go to a church service or to doctor’s appointment does not disqualify a person for Medicare home health services.

Does Medicare cover home health services?

Yes, as long as the service is prescribed by a physician and the patient qualifies under Medicare criteria, including homebound status.

What services will Medicare cover?

Medicare will cover nursing, physical/occupational therapy, speech therapy, social worker, and home health aid.

Can I get care and pay for it myself?

Yes. This is called Private Duty or Private Care. This service usually includes Companions, Homemakers, and/or Home Health Aides. This service does not require a prescription from a doctor. Please refer to the Private Duty page of this website for more information.

Do I have a choice in which agency I use?

Yes! No matter what a physician or facility discharge planner tells you, the patient always has the right to choose. If you are in a hospital, nursing facility, or assisted living facility, you can tell them “I would like Preferred Home Care of Florida to take care of my home care needs”. See the FREE CHOICE BY PATIENT GUARANTEED ACT